Tuesday, May 15, 2007

First post

Just bringing over an old post from N8OIF.net, as I will be turning off that one-post blog. Blogger works much better.
Today, I was visiting Garmin’s website and noticed that they have updated the Rino series of two-way radios. The Rino’s are GPS receivers combined with an FRS/GMRS radio. The two features are combined in that it is possible to send your position to another Rino, or have your Rino poll another one for its position. It would appear that the two new features to enter the Rino line are the expandable memory on microSD cards and the high-sensitivity receiver.
My friend and I might each get one and make them available to loan to the other for camping or horseback riding. The polling feature will allow my friend to remain at the camp while his wife is riding on the trails. Should she become injured, she could send her position, or if something more serious happens my friend could poll her radio every so often.